SabaFon Launches Relief Campaign for Thalassemia Patients

Sabaafon Mobile Company, in cooperation with Yemeni Association for Thalassemia patients and genetic blood, launched an emergency medical relief campaign for Thalassemia patients. The company distributed Hydra medicine for 350 cases covering two months of their needs.


from his part, Mr. Jamil Al-Khayati, Executive Director of the Association, spoke about the importance of support provided by SabaFon to Thalassemia patients.

this support comes under difficult conditions suffered by patients due to the extraordinary situation the country is going through.


calling the private sector to follow the example of SabaFon.


It is worth mentioning that the Thalassemia relief campaign is a continuation of the campaign launched by sabafon earlier this year and other large numbers of corporate social responsibility under the hashtag #sabafon_Ma’ak.