Wahid packages

Sabafon is pleased to announce wahed packages… under the slogan “With Wahid packages, one line suffices!”.


Inquiry Gift package for postpaid Gift package for prepaid Subscription package cost in riyals, including tax Package cost  in units Validity



SMS to all local networks Minutes to all local networks and landlines Package name
*456*15# *151*1*3*3*GSM# *151*2*3*7*GSM# *121*4*9# 1494 125 30 days 300 200 Wahed monthly package
*456*15# *151*2*10# *121*4*10# 500 41.841 48 hours 75 75 Wahed daily package


  1. Wahid daily Package:
    • Wahid daily Package is for prepaid only.
    • When subscribing to the Wahid daily Package more than once, the balance is accumulated, and the maximum validity period is 48 hours from the time of subscription.
    • Wahid daily package balance does not accumulate with Wahid monthly package.
  2. Wahid Monthly Package:
    • Wahid monthly package is for prepaid and postpaid.
    • When subscribing to Wahid monthly package and one of the hybrid packages (weekly or monthly), the balance of minutes and SMS is cumulative.