Friends & Family Service for Postpaid

Friends & Family Service for Postpaid

Friend and family offer allows postpaid subscribers to choose 6 numbers within the network and get reduced in call rate. The tariff per minutes within friend and family list will be 3YER all day


select 6 numbers from your list and enjoy the reduced tariff, the cost of adding the first six numbers are free, then the cost of modifying or adding any number 50 riyals


No monthly subscription.

The offer is targeted postpaid subscribers.

Call 3 YER per minute within the network throughout the day

To add the number to your friends and family list, send the number to 4060

For more information, send (اهل 1) to 211 for free



Tariff Destination Postpaid (YER) Friend and family (YER)
Call To Sabafon 7.5 3
To Sabafon Layali 3 2
To other GSM 9.5 9.5
To Yemen Mobile 10 10
ToPTC 9 9
International TeleYemen Tariff TeleYemen Tariff
SMS To Sabafon 5 3
To other GSM 9 9
To Yemen Mobile 12.5 12.5
SMS International 15 15



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