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Mr. AbdulKhalik Ghaili

SabaFon CEO

Since its launch, SabaFon has played an integral part in contributing to the overall development of the telecommunication sector in Yemen through a balanced investment strategy interpreted by a proactive management team and through a wide range of products and services offering real value to the Yemeni public and enhancing the cooperation between the government and private sectors.
Despite the major challenges encountered by the past few years due to the political upheavals in Yemen, SabaFon has overcome those challenges in all aspects, thanks to its new management team.
SabaFon future plans revolve around sustainability and continuing its impressive achievements in terms of leadership and uniqueness as well as in expanding its network coverage and targeting new strategic areas and moving to the 4th generation mobile technology which shall enhance the service capabilities for telecommunication sector in general in such a way that will improve the service offered and supporting the national economy.
As the social responsibility is one of the main objectives of the company, we have over the past years offered optimal communities projects and programs with which SabaFon has adopted an active strategy to strengthen its leadership in terms of social responsibility.
Finally, we at SabaFon work together to accommodate the needs and best interests of our society through constantly focusing on improving our customer service with which we aim to achieve our mission in working toward a successful and sustainable national economy.


As the first GSM Company in Yemen we provide top quality telecommunication services and we pride ourselves to be the optimal choice of the Yemeni subscribers.


Since the start of its operation, SabaFon has provided coverage services to all major cities, towns, major highways, and remote areas of Yemen. SabaFon will continue its efforts to roll out and enhance its network and service all over the country reaching everyone.


SabaFon is founded by a group of local and international investors and partners who are continuously supporting the notion of not only SabaFon success but also the overall country economic growth and social wellbeing.

Network information

Since the launch of SabaFon, we have set up the largest GSM cellular network, which covers most of Yemen’s area. SabaFon will continue its efforts to roll out into new places and regions, as well as enhancing its coverage services.

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