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Sabafon .. A New Start towards Leadership!

The General Executive Manager

Ali Ahmed Jahez

With modern technology, great achievements, distinguished competitiveness, ambitious vision, confident steps, and hopes, we are crossing the twenty-third year, continuing the journey of excellence and continuous leadership of the first telecommunications company in Yemen – Sabafon.

This time, Sabafon is entering the twenty-second year of its age, and it has moved from the second generation to the fourth generation to catch up with the technological modernity.

Sabafon ascends to companies that possess the latest technologies, and bridges the gap between them in a record period of time and keeping up with the new and renewed technically and commercially.

For years, Sabafon has been overcoming setbacks, grappling with challenges, and overcoming the most difficult crises with steadfastness and fortitude that only a company that possesses the same elements of strength and solidity that it possesses, which are technical, market, commercial, organizational, and financial, harmonize and integrate with each other to form a safety system from falling and dynamic in response for facing risks and challenges.

In brief detail about the mechanisms of Sabafon, which are distinguished by it and which constitute immunity for it against storms and crises, as it:

Technically, it has the strongest network, the largest and most robust infrastructure, and the technological foundations that are most capable of modernization, development, and suitability for change.

Logistically, Sabafon has a solid and strong relationship with its market and its subscribers based on trust, transparency, harmony and mutual satisfaction.

Commercially, Sabafon has the most efficient assortment of products and services in the best packages and the finest brands and at the most appropriate price range. It is characterized by a high-loyalty subscriber base, a well-connected and widespread sales chain, and a business model designed according to the latest methodologies and most appropriate to changes in the behavior and consumption pattern of subscribers.

As for the organization, there is no conflict that sabafon possesses the strongest organizational, institutional and structural structure and is characterized by unique professional management methodologies and practices, and is managed by the most efficient staff according to the most efficient systems, regulations, procedural and control guides automated, to the extent that it is called the School of Experience.

Financially, it was able to overcome the crises and calamities imposed on it, because it has a firm financial position, and it has been maintaining a high market value and achieving competitive indicators.

Today, we can say that Sabafon, by the grace of Allah, has returned again to the competition market with its impressive value and upscale audience, to occupy its well-known position in the modern mobile communications market.

And because it possesses such merits, and after that long and arduous journey, we witnessed on December 8, 2022 its new launch and its emergence as a newborn promising a longer life, a stronger presence, and a newer business model in a newer market, to be the best choice for the finest and smartest audience.

We promise our subscribers and staff that the year 2023 will be the year of modernizing the infrastructure, improving the quality of services, and a new start in the path of leadership, which is only for Sabafon.

We congratulate Sabafon, its fans, staff and all relevant parties on its great transition and its new birth


As the first GSM Company in Yemen we provide top quality telecommunication services and we pride ourselves to be the optimal choice of the Yemeni subscribers.


Since the start of its operation, SabaFon has provided coverage services to all major cities, towns, major highways, and remote areas of Yemen. SabaFon will continue its efforts to roll out and enhance its network and service all over the country reaching everyone.


SabaFon is founded by a group of local and international investors and partners who are continuously supporting the notion of not only SabaFon success but also the overall country economic growth and social wellbeing.

Network information

Since the launch of SabaFon, we have set up the largest GSM cellular network, which covers most of Yemen’s area. SabaFon will continue its efforts to roll out into new places and regions, as well as enhancing its coverage services.

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