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we have hired and qualified a highly trained cadre of consultants to answer your inquiries 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week including holidays through calling the free number of 211

1. We can keep in touch with all SabaFon customers and solve their problems as quickly as possible, and confirm that the problem is completely solved.
2. Inform the customer as soon as his / her problem has been solved.

With the IVR services, you can benefit directly and get to know all basic and value added services along with the offers and promotions of the company through listening to the IVR service by calling 211 for free and following the instructions.

Send the service name and its number to 211 and will receive a reply message contains complete information about the service required.
Useful Numbers
Service DescriptionCodeUSSD CODES
Activate the call waiting serviceActivate*43#
To transfer units to another numberTo transfer* 123 * 1234*GSM Number* Units #
To subscribe to Ranaty ServiceTo subscribe*121*2*1*1#
Voice mailVoice mail777
To subscribe in the monthly package for prepaidTo subscribe*121*4*2#
To subscribe in the Riyal package for prepaidTo subscribe*121*4*1#
To subscribe in the 100 MB monthly packageTo subscribe*121*3*1#
To subscribe in the 250 MB monthly packageTo subscribe*121*3*2#
To subscribe in the 500 monthly packageTo subscribe*121*3*3#
To subscribe in the 750 MB monthly packageTo subscribe*121*3*4#
To subscribe in the 1 GB monthly packageTo subscribe*121*3*5#
To inquire about the free minutesTo inquire*400*4#
To inquire about the free short messagesTo inquire*500*4#
Friends and family service for prepaidFriends and family service333
To inquire about internet creditTo inquire*700*4#
Ranaty ServiceRanaty Service111
POS supportPOS support212
Information centerInformation118
To inquire about the credit and activity and inactivity periodTo inquire*102#​

Where to find us?

Yemen Company for Mobile Telephony – Sabafon

Head Quarter : AL-zubairi street, Next to oil Ministry Sanaa, Zubairi 18550

Tel : +967 711 111 211 / +967 711 111 000 

E-mail :​ 

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