Corporate Groups

Corporate Groups

We are very proud of our corporate sales team that spares no effort in delivering outstanding customer service to corporations and organizations. Corporate groups are one of the services offered by SabaFon corporate sales unit that enables corporations, organizations, and embassies to enjoy the corporate group package where employees of the same organization have a very reduced tariff plan when calling one another. SabaFon facilitates the mobile communication among employees of the same by offering a very competitive tariff price that can reach to 0 YER inside the group. Subscribers can also call outside the group for a different tariff.


To subscribe to the service:


Please fill in the request  FORM


Or you can send an official letter to our customer service email:


Or you can come and visit one of our branches to order the package, and our customer service representatives shall guide you through the requirements of subscription.

You can also call our service number +967 711111000 and ask for any of our corporate sales team to help you, and we shall pay you a visit at once.