Features of 4G service

Introduction of 4G service


4G services: The 4G service, which was launched as a trial from Sabafon, is considered a turning point in internet and communication services, for being the fastest and most affordable, as it meets the needs of the Yemeni subscriber.


How to subscribe to the service: You can get a 4G SIM only for 500 riyals through one of the Sabafon service centers or through the authorized points of sales.


  • All phones that support the 4G service will work automatically without the need to download a profile
  • You can buy 4G packages from one of Sabafon service centers or through the authorized points of sales
  • You can subscribe to packages by dialing *456# or 211
  • For service details and how to subscribe to packages with prices, send “4G” to 211 or by calling 211 for free
  • To know your balance in 4G packages, dial *456*15#


Features of 4G service provided by Sabafon:

  • All prices include tax.
  • All packages are cumulative balances
  • A wider coverage from the beginning of the launch in all governorates at one time
  • The validity of the packages is real according to the age of the package announced, and it never expires before the validity period
  • Calculating the longest validity period. If the subscriber subscribes to the weekly package and then the monthly package, a full month will be calculated from the day of subscription
  • A real cumulative balance that remains in the subscriber’s account even when subscribing in different packages. If the subscriber subscribed to the weekly package and the monthly package, the balance will accumulate.
  • The balance of all 4G packages can be used on 4G and 2G networks
  • A real GB of 1024 megabytes
  • You can subscribe to more than one package at the same time.
  • The 4G Internet in the packages does not deduct from the main balance and deducts only from the balance of the package.