International Call

International Call

For prepaid subscribers:

SabaFon provides the international call service for all prepaid subscribers without the need for monthly fee or deposit. With this service, prepaid subscribers can initiate outgoing calls to friends and family outside Yemen in any time. Just dial the international number and SabaFon shall connect you internationally. The service is by default added to all prepaid lines.


For postpaid subscribers:

This service enables SabaFon postpaid subscribers to make international calls from their lines at any time. To subscribe freely, you can request adding the service from one of SabaFon service centers or by calling SabaFon call center for free, 211. Subscribers should have a deposit of at least 4,000 YER from which any international call shall be deducted. Postpaid subscribers can increase the ceiling of their deposit in order to avoid getting their lines suspended.

Furthermore, you can make international calls through recharging your line with units and adding 88 before the international number without the need to pay any monthly fee.