SabaFon Delivers “71 Offer’s Monthly Prize..The Happiest One !

SabaFon has delivered 71 offer’s first monthly prize of the Offer 71 ..The Happiest One for March 2024. The prize delivery has been celebrated at SabaFon HQ with the winner, Mr. Mohammed Ali Qasim Malihi – from Ibb, who won 7,100,000 Yemeni rials (seven million one hundred thousand Yemeni rials).

The winner has expressed his great joy winning the prize, confirming the high level of transparency and professionalism that labels SabaFon’s offers.

It is worth mentioning that 71 offer was launched in coincidence with the 23rd anniversary of establishing SabaFon company (February 2024). The offer will continue until July 31, 2024. Offer 71 has been well received by Sabafon subscribers as it allocated 71 monthly prizes (daily, weekly, and monthly) openning many opportunities for a large number of subscribers to win, leading up to the grand prize of a lifetime apartment.