Sabafon Football Team Achieves The Second Rank In Corporations’ Championship And Jihan Al-Aghbari Achieves The Third Rank In Chess Championship For Ladies

SabaFon football team has achieved the second rank in the third corporations’ football championship. SabaFon football team took over its group and made it to the finale which was held on last Monday between SabaFon team and CAC Bank team in the football stadium of Sports and Entertaining Club. SabaFon team proved to be a competent rival in the game, and achieved only the second rank.


In addition, Miss. Jihan Al-Aghbari, a SabaFon employee in Customer Service Department has won the third rank in the chess championship for ladies.


SabaFon management team has expressed its gratitude to SabaFon football team and Miss Jihan for their outstanding performances and the high ranks that they have achieved wishing them more success in years to come.