Salefni Service

No Credit? Even though, SabaFon Credits You with Salefni, Top-Up Now & Pay Later


Salefni service is the new emergency credit service from SabaFon which enables prepaid subscribers, who have no credit left, to request extra (loan) credit to stay in touch with their contacts under the condition to deduct the given credit from the next recharge event or the next transfer transaction.


  • This service is available only for prepaid subscribers whose credit is less than 0.9 units.
  • Prepaid subscribers can benefit from the service after 6 months from the first call date.
  • Prepaid subscribers whose subscription dates back to more than two years can benefit from this service.
  • To use the service, the prepaid subscriber should have recharged his line during the past three months.
  • The credit amount that the subscriber can get is limited to 10 units that cannot be transferred to any other number.
  • Prepaid subscribers can use the service more than once as long as he has settled his credit.
  • The credit amount shall be deducted from the first recharge event or transfer transaction while preserving the activity period of the recharge event or transfer transaction.
  • In case the subscriber recharges his line with less units than the credit amount, the recharge units shall be deducted until the credit amount is fully settled.
  • The subscriber can only benefit from the service when his line is in active state.
  • The validity period for the credit amount is 48 hours; after that the credit amount is automatically withdrawn and the credit balance shall be 10 units regardless whether or not the subscriber uses the credit amount.
  • In case the subscriber uses part of the credit amount and he recharges his line before the end of the credit validity period, the system shall only deducted the used credit amount and not the whole credit amount.
  • The subscriber should pay the credit amount back during 15 days from the date of using the service. If the subscriber pays the credit amount after 15 days, the service shall be disabled for the user, and he cannot use it for 5 days.
  • When the subscriber uses the service, he cannot move from one package to another until the credit amount is fully settled.
  • The service enables prepaid subscribers to make calls and send text messages according to the following tariff price:
    • Call tariff within the network is the same as the prepaid normal tariff price (15 YER per minute)
    • SMS tariff within the network is the same as the prepaid normal tariff (9 YER per SMS).
    • Call tariff to other networks is 20 YER per minute.
    • SMS tariff to other networks is 15 YER per SMS.
  • Service users can also use GPRS service for 70 YER per megabyte.
  • The tariff price of initiating calls from the credit amount is the normal tariff price (1.5 units per minute).
  • The tariff price of sending text messages from the credit amount is the normal tariff price (.9 units per message).
  • The credit amount of the service is to be used for making calls and sending text messages only based on normal tariff within SabaFon network.
  • If the subscriber has free credit, he can still use this service, but the system shall set priority of usage for the emergency credit.
  • The subscriber shall receive short message notification on every transaction (service request, pay back, service denied messages, or notification messages).
  • The subscriber can use and manage the service through USSD commands including the following:
    • To use the service, please dial (#1*100*)
    • To inquire about the service status, please dial (*100*4#)
    • To inquire about the balance of the emergency credit, please dial (*100*4*4#)