Smart Roaming

Smart roaming is a unique service from SabaFon, which allows postpaid subscribers to use their lines as prepaid system while roaming with no deposit and no subscription fees.

Using Smart Roaming service is VERY SIMPLE. SabaFon postpaid subscriber, who wants to use roaming service as prepaid, can just dial *121*2*4*3# OR *121*2*4*4# to Cancel the service, before leaving the country and accordingly a returning text SMS reaches the subscriber notifying him/her that his/her line is turned into prepaid line, just make Sure that you have unites to make or receive calls/SMS.

There is absolutely no need for deposit or subscription fee or coming to one of sales points to activate this roaming service. SabaFon makes roaming so easy for customers: by just dialling four digits; she/he will use Smart roaming service as prepaid. SabaFon roaming vision is to facilitate all the ways to keep the inbound and outbound customers always satisfied by extending unique and vital roaming services.