Sponsored by SabaFon, The First Equestrian Championship is Launched.

The first equestrian championship, organized by the Wahdat Sanaa Club in cooperation with the general equestrian federation, was inaugurated last Wednesday under the auspices of SabaFon and Jamaan Trading and Investment Company under the slogan “Our horses: A return to unity and peace.”


The tournament, which will last until June 3, will bring together 180 youth, chefs and horsemen representing the military academy, the police academy, the economic institution, the capital club, the Husseiniya center and the equestrian center.


Sunday’s race will mark a race of 10 barriers, including two and three barriers, while the length and width of the barrier will be 110 cm. Each team will be allowed to compete with five horses and in case of draw, a differentiation round shall be held to determine the winner.