SuperNaba Line

SuperNaba Line

Super Naba line from SabaFon is a prepaid mobile card that gives the subscriber the benefit of using SabaFon network in a very convenient way that enables the users to control their mobile expenses without the need for monthly bills, deposits, or monthly subscriptions.

Super Naba Line offers many basic mobile services in addition to the international calling service and roaming services.

You can get Super Naba Line from SabaFon service centers or through SabaFon distributors and their points of sales available all other the Yemeni governorates. You can also recharge your Super Naba line with a variety of scratch cards or through e-voucher options which enables the user to use the recharged units within limited period of time assigned for each recharge option.


Note: Super Naba subscribers can now transfer between the different prepaid packages of Super Layali or Yalla Kalam and get the benefits of each package by calling 444 or by texting the first letter of the package to 444 for only 10 units.


Super Naba Tariff Price Details Tariff in YER
Call Transfer to Yalla Kalam & Super Layali 100
From Super Naba to Sabafon


From Super Naba to Sabafon Layali


From Super Naba to other GSM operator all day


From Super Naba to CDMA operator all day


From Super Naba to PTC


SMS From Super Naba to all local operator


From Super Naba to international operator




  •   To recharge Super Naba line


Call USSD (*101* Scratch Card Number#)


  • To inquire about the units for free


Call USSD (*102#)


  • To transfer units
Call USSD *123*1234*phone number*units#


  • To pay the bill for another user
Call USSD *124*1234* phone number*units#


* The tariff price above does not include taxes.