The biggest offer in Yemen ! More valuble prizes, more winners..

The offer grants 71 valuable cash prizes to 71 monthly winners in return of using 71 units or more, which qualifies the participant to enter more than one draw during the offer periods.

Every time 71 units or more are used, the subscriber gets a chance to enter at least two draws (daily and weekly), and when 71 or more units are used continuously once a week, the subscriber will be eligible to enter 9 draws (daily, weekly, every week in addition to the monthly draw).

The importance and value of the cash prizes offered increase according to the type of draw, that is, if the subscriber uses 71 or more units during the day, he will be automatically entered into the daily draw for two cash prizes, the value of each prize is 71,000 riyals for 66 monthly winners + direct entry into the same week’s drawing for a cash prize of 710,000 riyals for 4 winners per month.

The offer includes all prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Those who qualify for the weekly draw are automatically entered into the monthly draw for a big cash prize of 7,100,000 riyals per month.

To enter the final draw of 71 offer grand prize, the participant must fulfill one of two conditions:
Either use 71 units or more at least every week continuously, starting from the first week of March 24 until the fourth week of July 24, or use 125 units or more at least once a week continuously, starting from the first week of May 24 until the fourth week of July 24.

Prize draw mechanism:

– Offer 71 starts on Thursday, February 22, 2024, and continues until July 31, 2024.
16 daily prizes and one weekly prize will be drawn in a weekly draw during the remaining days of February 2024.
– The monthly draw for 71 prizes will begin in March 2024.
– ⁠The daily and weekly draw process takes place once at the beginning of each week, so that two winners are chosen for the daily draw and one winner for the weekly draw, and so on.
– ⁠The winners of the weekly and daily draw are announced in the second week from the draw date.
– ⁠The monthly draw takes place at the beginning of each month.
– ⁠The grand prize draw will take place at the beginning of August 2024

Terms and Conditions:

1. The winner of the prize and the SIM card holder must be the owner of the line approved by the company through his data, identity found in the subscription system, under the service subscription contract, and the original valid card attached to it.
The data for all winners is required to be correct and matched to the automated system.
2. The company has the right to cancel any prize unless the winner holds valid legal papers proving his ownership of the line at the time of participating in the competition and at the time of receiving the prize and showing proof of personal identity.
3. ⁠Photocopies of cards are not accepted.
4. ⁠The company has the right to announce and publish the names of the winners in newspapers and various media (visual and audio), including SMS sent by the company.
5. ⁠The winner will be contacted during the company’s official working hours for two days for the daily prize, five days for the weekly prize, ten days for the monthly prize, and thirty days for the grand prize after his name is announced. If there is no response or he/she cannot be reached during the aforementioned period, a draw will take place again. and another winner will be chosen.
If the prize is not received or delivered for any reason, the prize will be canceled for the winner who did not meet the conditions or did not attend to receive it within 7 days for the daily prize, 10 days for the weekly prize, and 14 days for the monthly prize from the date of each draw.
6. The company reserves all its rights to amend, add or cancel as necessary and what it deems appropriate and without prior notice.

Names Winners of 71 Offer