The National Center for Oncology Honors SabaFon

25The National Center for Oncology and the National Cancer Program in Sana’a celebrated the International Day of Cancer Patients on February 4th of each year.


In a ceremony organized by the Center in cooperation with the World Health Organization, Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Mohammed Salem bin Hafiz stressed on the importance of celebrating this International Day to renew the sense of the danger of this disease, which threatens everyone.


He pointed out that the statistics of the World Health Organization indicate that 30 thousand cases of cancer are found each year in Yemen due to many reasons, including the use of pesticides used for Qat, vegetables and other carcinogens.


Dr. Bin Hafeez praised all the white hands that extend help to the cancer patients and all those who contributed and support cancer patients. He praised the efforts of the World Health Organization, international and local organizations and philanthropists to fight cancer, treat patients and provide medicines.

At the ceremony, the Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr. Mohammed Salem Bin Hafeez, and Dr. Ali Al-Asol honored SabaFon and its efforts exerted, which have a prominent and tangible role in providing medicines and supporting the activities of the National Center for Oncology.