Under the slogan “Our identity of faith… Cleanliness is a principle.” SabaFon participates in the national campaign of cleanliness in the city of Sana’a 1/1/2020

SabaFon, the Yemen company for mobile telephony, participated in the national campaign of cleanliness held in the municipality of Sana’a last Wednesday under the slogan “Our identity of faith… Cleanliness is a principle.”


The company participated in the different activities of the campaign in which SabaFon employees have taken an active part targeting the district of Maeen. Hundreds of SabaFon employees participated in the campaign by painting the pavements and cleaning the streets of the district.


The campaign in which more than 800 employees from SabaFon have participated is considered one of the profound principles that advocates volunteer works in Yemen as its importance stems from creating a community awareness towards such an important notion as cleanliness and improving and preserving the environment and spreading the behaviors that aim at building a common culture of volunteer work among the different segments of the society.


Mr. Abdulkhaleq AlGhaili, the chief executive officer of SabaFon, encouraged SabaFon employees to participate in the campaign of cleanliness and has given a speech in which he expressed his gratitude and pride in taking part in such community activities which reflected the unified spirit of the Yemeni society that addressed a civil concern of everyone involved. Mr. Naser AlKahli, the general manager of social affairs and work in the capital city of Sana’a, has pointed out that SabaFon participation in the cleanliness campaign contributed in enforcing the daily practice of cleanliness and in encouraging this behavior from individual practice to community practice which could contribute to making a positive difference for the environment and the country in general.