With a Toyota Cross prize, and a lot more Sabafon is holding the fifth draw of the winning generation offer!

Today Sabafon held the fifth draw ceremony for the winning generation offer, which included announcing the grand prize winner of the offer – a Toyota Cross car during May 2023 draw. In addition to the fifth winning millionaire of May 2023 draw.


The ceremony, which took place in Taiz Al-Hawban – Dreamland Park included the presentation of a number of artistic and interesting scenes, representing the Yemeni folk heritage in the presence of a large audience. After that, a draw was conducted on prizes allocated to the public, in addition to distributing other gifts to the crowds present.

After that, a big draw was held for the prize of the winning generation offer, which ended with the announcement of the winning number of the prize, a (Toyota Cross) car that went to Mr. Ishaq Saleh Muthanna Ayyash


It is worth mentioning that the winning generation offer was launched at the beginning of the year 2023 and targeted all subscribers of the prepaid and postpaid, and this is the final draw of the winning generation offer.