Within its 18th anniversary offer “Tawasol Be Dhahab” SabaFon announces the winner of the gold bar and the winners of other valuable prizes

The Yemeni Company for Mobile Telephony, SabaFon, has announced the winners of “Tawasol Be Dhahab” Offer, which was launched in the 14th of February corresponding with SabaFon anniversary and lasted till the 13th of March targeting postpaid and prepaid subscribers. Mr. Bakr Al-Junaid, SabaFon communication supervisor, congratulated the winner, Mr. Mohammed Naser Abdullah Salice, and commented: “This offer is one of the biggest marketing offers introduced by SabaFon to its subscribers in recognition of their loyalty and brand trust of the exceptional service of the company. We always announce the names of the winners in transparency and integrity, and SabaFon still has even more to offer its subscribers.” As for the winner, Mr. Mohammed Naser Abdullah Salice, he expressed his gratitude and happiness saying: “I am so glad to win the gold bar. At first I didn’t believe my ears when SabaFon contact agent informed me about my winning. I would like to thank SabaFon for its unique and several offers designed for its subscribers and I wish them all success and prosperity.”

It is notable that the “Tawasol Be Dhahab” offer was launched in celebration of the 18th anniversary of SabaFon and involved making draws on more than 130 valuable prizes for the lucky winners.



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