Collect Call

For the first time in Yemen, the Collect-Call service from SabaFon enables Sabafon prepaid subscribers to make calls at the expense of the called party within Sabafon network. Only with Collect-Call Service, you can call relatives and friends while they pay for it. This service also enables you to allow them to call you at your expense when they don’t have enough credit to call.


Service features:

  • Available for all prepaid subscribers within Sabafon network and does not require activation.
  • Calls can be made even without sufficient balance, but enough credit is required on called party side
  • Called party can set their white list (up to 20 numbers). Numbers added to the white list will be connected by the called party without waiting for permission.
  • Called party can set their black list (up to 20 numbers). Numbers on the black list will automatically be rejected without disturbing the called party.
  • Called party can block any number from calling him/her except the numbers on the white list.
  • Service can be managed by specific commands sent to 999 for 5 YER/message. For more info about service commands, customer can send “999” to 211 for free.
  • Service is not available while roaming.
  • Any customer can make up to 3 collect-calls to a specific Sabafon number per day and 20 collect-calls to other Sabafon numbers per day


How to make a Collect Call:

Dial *9 followed by mobile number then press call. Example: *971XXXXXXX



Tariff is the normal call tariff.


*Postpaid above tariff do not include tax