With SabaControl service, you can have more control over your incoming calls. After activating the service, you can block unwanted incoming calls, make a whitelist and blacklist of callers that you predefine. Whether the incoming call is local or international, you can specify the parameters for receiving incoming calls as you please.


Service Features:


·      Block incoming calls (local/international)

·      Configure a specific message for blocked calls

·      Add or remove numbers to the blacklist

·      Add or remove numbers from the whitelist


Using the service:


·      To subscribe, please call 414 or text subscription to 414

·      To add or remove numbers to and from the blacklist and whitelist, please call or text 414

·      To learn about the service commands, please text ‘م’ to 414

·      For more information, please text ‘ز’ to 414

·      Postpaid subscribers can call the service number 425 to learn more about the service

·      To unsubscribe, please call 414 or text ‘إلغاء’ to 414


Service Fee:


·      Monthly subscription fee is 100 YER for postpaid subscribers and 10 units for prepaid subscribers.

·      Calling 414 charges 4 YER per minute for postpaid subscribers and 0.40 units for prepaid subscribers.

·      Texting 414 charges 10 YER per SMS for postpaid subscribers and 1 unit for prepaid subscribers.


*Postpaid above tariff do not include tax