Facebook & Twitter

SabaFon offers a great discount for the most popular social media apps! Facebook + Twitter package gives its subscribers the opportunity to communicate unlimitedly through Facebook and Twitter by reviewing and sharing photos and videos, sending and receiving messages and other services related to the Facebook and Twitter applications with only a weekly subscription of 400 riyals.


Use of the service:


  • To subscribe dial to *121*3*8#
  • The subscriber will receive a confirmation message
  • To inquire about the validity days, dial: *700*3#
  • The subscription period is 7 days, starting from the date of activating the service
  • When subscribing more than once, the subscription period for the package is calculated cumulatively
  • The subscriber can subscribe to the Facebook + Twitter package more than once at the same time. It is also possible to subscribe to other packages such as WhatsApp package or any Internet package in the same period.
  • When successfully subscribing to Facebook + Twitter package, the subscriber can use Facebook through the Facebook application, the Facebook Messenger application, as well as the Facebook site for free.
  • Facebook + Twitter package does not deduct any balance except for the weekly subscription value, which is why the Facebook + Twitter package works normally even if the subscriber balance of the units is zero.
  • Facebook + Twitter package can be used indefinitely during the subscription period, as there is no limit to using the package.
  • The use of any Facebook or Twitter services that lead to a departure from Facebook or Twitter to another site, will lead to deduction of the balance due to the use of the Internet and the normal tariff will be applied.
  • For more information, send “P” to 211


* The above tariff does not include tax for postpaid subscribers