Sabanet Packages

SabaNet is a data SIM card from SabaFon specially introduced to enable users to access the internet in a very fast and convenient way. SabaNet offers different internet packages designed for internet savvy users, businessmen, and organizations. SabaNet is characterized by the ease of exchanging data and information through the internet anytime and anywhere within SabaFon network coverage. SabaNet lines are available in all SabaFon customer service centers for a minimal fee of 345 YER only.


How to use:

      • SabaNet offers three different packages with reduced tariff price
      • SabaNet is available in all SabaFon service centers for a nominal price of only 345 YER (tax included).
      • More flexible and convenient recharging as you can recharge SabaNet lines with any recharging mechanism.
      • Cumulative accounting for validity days and credit as the user gets 30 validity days when subscribing to any package.
      • You can recharge your SabaNet line anytime during the month.
      • You can use SabaNet line in many devices including mobile phones, computers, laptops, or tablets.
      • In case the user has consumed all the package, or in case of not subscribing to any package, the user can still use SabaNet line and access the internet for 40 YER per 1 megabyte.
      • SabaNet line is usable within SabaFon network coverage.
      • When activating SabaNet line, the user gets 5 validity days, a grace period of 30 days, plus 30 days to recharge.
      • When subscribing to any SabaNet package, the user gets 30 validity days, 30 inactivity days, plus 30 days as grace period.
      • To inquire about the current credit, please dial the code *700*4#
      • SabaNet lines enables the users to subscribe and use other social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp services


SabaNet packages:

Package SMS Subscription Tariff in Rial New balance /MB
Package 1 Send 1 to 4001 1250 400 MB
Package 2 Send 3 to 4003 2400 1200 MB
Package 3 Send 4 to 4004 3500 3500 MB


SabaNet settings:

Just send the command “2” to short code 6633 for free of charge. PIN is 0000

For manual settings, SabaNet user has to make the APN “sabanet”


*Postpaid above tariff do not include tax