Internet fees for postpaid and prepaid

Internet fees for postpaid and prepaid

Internet has rapidly interacted with every aspect of our lives, and SabaFon prides itself on offering internet service to all subscribers without any need for monthly subscription fee. Postpaid and prepaid users can use the internet service directly. All you have to do is just to make sure that the internet settings are configured correctly and you can enjoy the world wide services of internet.


 Internet Tariff:

Tariff per MB Notes
Postpaid normal internet tariff 50 YER Discounted internet packages are available for bot postpaid and prepaid lines.
Prepaid normal internet tariff 7.17 Unit



Internet settings:

Just send the command “1” to short code 6633 for free of charge. When you are asked for a PIN, please enter 0000.

For manual settings, enter the word ‘internet’ as the APN (Access Point Name).


*Postpaid above tariff do not include tax