From the old city of Sana’a The secretary of the capital announces the start of the SabaFon campaign to sterilize Sana’a as a precaution against coronavirus pandemic.

Today, the head of the technical committee, the secretary of the capital, announced the launch of SabaFon campaign to sterilize the districts of the city of Sana’a, which is implemented by the general authority for environmental protection in the city of Sana’a. The ten-day campaign, funded by SabaFon, targets all the districts of the city of Sana’a.

The mayor of the capital assured of the continuity of spraying and sterilization campaigns in the districts, in a way that enhances the precautionary measures to tackle coronavirus pandemic.

Where spraying and sterilization teams started this afternoon to roam the neighborhoods and streets of Sana’a districts, carrying out their work amid welcome and great cooperation from the general public.

The campaign aims during the first five days to spray the main streets and intermediate islands of roads and markets in the districts of Azal, 70 St., Safiya, AlWahda, and Altahreer, while the other five days aim to spray the remaining districts.



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