In its campaign against coronavirus pandemic, SabaFon launches a campaign to spray and sterilize the districts of the capital municipality

The Yemeni company for mobile telephony, SabaFon, has launched a campaign to spray and sterilize the different districts in the capital city of Sana’a, as implemented by the General Authority for Environmental Protection in the capital city of Sana’a. The campaign, which shall last ten days under the sponsorship of SabaFon, targets all the districts of Sana’a city, where during the first five days it aims at spraying the main streets and pavements and markets in the districts of Azal, El-Sabaa, El-Safia, El-Wahda, El-Tahrir, while the other five days aim to spray the remaining five districts.

The head of the Technical Committee, the Secretary of the Capital, Mr. Hammoud Abbad, stressed the importance of the private sector’s participation in supporting official efforts in the precautionary measures to confront the Coronavirus pandemic.


Mr. Abbad pointed at the great efforts made by the concerned authorities to protect society from spread of the disease. He also expressed his appreciation for the initiative and support of SabaFon company in the campaign. He called on the private sector, traders and businessmen to contribute to health and environmental campaigns.

For his part, the director of the General Authority for Environmental Protection in the capital city of Sana’a, Mr. Mohammed Al-Othribi, confirmed that about 13 spray teams equipped with cars and tools for spraying and sterilization have started today the second phase of spraying all streets and markets, according to the plan approved by the emergency operations and the technical committee to tackle the pandemic in the district.

In the inauguration, and in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Al-Mansour, the deputy minister of health, Mr. Mazen Noman, the secretary of the capital, Mr. Ali Al-Lahji,, and Dr. Youssef Al-Hadhri, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Abdulmalik Al-Ghazali, the president of the public authority for environmental protection pointed out that environmental and health campaigns are a tributary of the ministry of water and environment’s plan to protect society from diseases and epidemics.


Meanwhile, Mr. Nasser Al-Kahili, the head of the awareness and community education committee in the Capital city of Sana’a, pointed out that facing coronavirus is a social responsibility. He called for concerted official and societal efforts to confront coronavirus and raise awareness of the need to adhere to preventive precautions.


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