In Cooperation with RIPE, SabaFon Hosts the Training Workshop about IPv6

SabaFon is to host during the coming few days the training workshop about the sixth version of internet protocol (IPv6) in cooperation with RIPE – NCC organization and other telecommunication and internet provider companies in Yemen.

This event in which a number of expert participants shall gather aims at improving internet services in the middle east as the most recent reports of RIPE organization has indicated that one of the most embedding challenges faced by organizations in the area is the fact that many internet providers and telecommunication companies are not prepared to publish the 6th version of the internet protocol to mobile users. It is noteworthy that RIPE is an independent and non-profit organization supporting the infrastructure of internet through technical joint coordination with a network of members spread from Europe to the middle east and parts of central Asia. The event which SabaFon is to host is considered the first of its kind locally in the field of IPv6 security. SabaFon with this event aims at increasing the technical awareness among the technicians and engineers and to push the wheel of change towards upgrading the infrastructure for all internet providers and telecommunication companies in Yemen.