SabaFon organizes an entertainment trip for its employees to Shebam – Kokaban – Al-Ahjor

SabaFon organized a field and entertainment trip for its employees to the tourist attractions in Thola (Shebam – Kokaban – Al-Ahjor) in celebration of its continuous successes during the past years and in recognition of its employees’ contribution to its success journey.

The trip comes within the entertainment activities of the company in recognition of the importance of creating a positive working environment to stimulate the employees’ potential for more creative and productive performance. SabaFon seeks within the coming period and its strategic direction of its new leadership to conduct several activities and programs ranging from entertaining, social, cultural, and sports ones which shall induce the brotherhood spirit among the employees outside working hours.

SabaFon employees took a walk around the exotic tourist attractions of Thola (Shebam – Kokaban – Al-Ahjor) and particularly Ghorab Fort.

It is noteworthy that the trip gathered all SabaFon employees who spent a wonderful time full of enjoyment and fun and they also came to know about the historical heritage of the places that they visited.