SabaFon and RIPE Launch the Training Workshop on IPv6 Security

SabaFon and RIPE have launched a successful training workshop on IPv6 security. In line with the organization’s relentless efforts to prepare for global infrastructure, which will empower stakeholders and enable them to move on to a new generation of information technology, SabaFon will lead training professionals to enrich knowledge and promote awareness about the importance of adopting IPv6 in both the public and private sectors.

The workshop, held at the SabaFon Training Academy, attracted broad participation from government employees, communications sector employees, and representatives of private sector companies to learn about modern techniques in how to best deal with them and learn the best ways to ensure their effective implementation.

In his turn, the Executive Director of SabaFon, Engineer Abdul Khaleq Al-Ghaili, opened the training workshop with a welcoming speech, in which he emphasized the importance of being represented in two main areas: the first aspect is the importance of IP version 6, which opens new horizons, especially as we are on the doors of the fourth generation, and we look forward to the fifth and internet of things to keep up with the race we have been so late in. The other aspect is renewing and consolidating relations among the communications spectrum in Yemen, whether on the government side represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology as well as the Public Telecommunications Corporation, YemenNet, Yemen Mobile, and the private sector represented by SabaFon, Y-Yemen, and MTN.

Mr. Hesham Ibrahim, a representative of the RIPE Organization, spoke directly about the importance of holding the workshop, as it serves as a gateway to the appropriate expertise, modern knowledge and professional guidance on various technical aspects related to the transition to release the 6th version of internet protocol. This will accelerate the transformation of the new version of the Internet protocol.

Mr. Nizar Al-Moyad, SabaFon IT director, said that the event is important because it is the first time in Yemen and represents an ideal and necessary platform to provide participants with the basic concepts of internet protocol version 6.

The workshop was well-received by participants, and many questions were raised that discussed important aspects of the workshop’s focus.

The RIPE NCC continues its serious, accelerated and determined pursuit of effective and robust partnerships with select government agencies and law enforcement agencies committed to developing effective solutions to cybercrime and other major challenges to implementing IPv6.