Let’s Win Offer

Let’s Win Offer

SabaFon is pleased to announce the launch of “Let’s Win”

Offer details: –

  • To subscribe:
  • The subscribe has to subscribe to the service of the dearest people, whether he/she is the owner of the main line (new or old).
  • The main number must add 6 people in the group (subscribing to the dearest people service)
  • The call from the main number to the other six numbers is for one riyal (within the dearest people service).
  • Each person in the group can be the main number of his/her own group when adding 6 other people.


  • Offer Terms and conditions:
  • Each number in the group must use 50 units or more within the Sabafon network or within the service of the dearest people.
  • This offer includes all subscribers of the dearest people of prepaid and postpaid lines.
  • The main number will be entered into the draw if all conditions are met.
  • The presence of all members of the dearest people group is required to receive the prize.
  • The prize for this offer is one million riyals per month
  • There is only one winner Every month.
  • This offer is for a limited time