Selling packages

Selling Packages via SabaFon service centres &POS

This service enables SabaFon subscribers (postpaid and prepaid) to buy all and any of SabaFon packages via SabaFon service centers and authorized points of sales where the subscribers can buy and activate any package immediately.


The Packages that can be bought via SabaFon service centers and points of sales:

You can buy any SabaFon package available now such as the different internet packages, Tawasol package, and Yabalash packages.


General considerations when buying packages:

  • The service is available via authorized points of sales authorized dealers and distributors, SabaFon franchise, SabaFon service centers, and SabaFon shop-in-shops.
  • Postpaid and prepaid subscribers can buy the packages taking into considerations the different features of each package and its price.
  • When buying a package, the subscriber will receive a notification short message explaining the features of the package.
  • The validity period of the package shall be added to the line as the subscriber cqan buy packages regardless of the status of the line and the subscriber shall be given a validity period for the package in case that the validity of the line is lesser than the validity period of the package.
  • Authorized points of sales can use SabaFon sales application or the short code *171# to sell packages.
  • SabaFon sales application does not support cancelling sales orders and this is to notify the subscriber who should choose the package carefully.
  • When the sales of the package fails for any reason, a notification short message shall be sent to the subscriber with the sales transaction code number which can be used to contact SabaFon contact center 211 and another notification short message to the point of sales with the sales transaction code number which can be used to contact SabaFon sales support center 212.