SabaFon participates in SitEx Exhibition as A Diamond Sponsor

SabaFon is pleased to announce about its participation as a diamond sponsor in organizing the SitEx Exhibition which is a dedicated exhibition to encourage and develop science, technology, and creativity as one of the best means to establish this importance in Yemen. The SitEx Exhibition will focus on accompanying the current global necessities and their revolution in information technology and economic impact, which has led to restructuring the economic activity immensely and to transforming the centers of economic activity, and in transforming the design, service, and manufacturing activities from the developed countries to the developing countries on both international and regional bases.

Sitex Exhibition in SabaFon will be the most outstanding information technology and communication technology and electronics exhibition in the domain of consumable electronics where thousands of visitors are targeted from all over the country. The exhibition offers them the opportunity to benefit from exclusive offers on the latest products in the market from the best brands participating in SitEx Exhibition in Sana’a 2020. The visitors can try the most amazing inventions in offered technology from leading international companies. It also provides an opportunity to win daily prizes.

SITEX Main Show 2020 is expected to be launched in Sana’a during the period from 05 to 10 December 2020, while SITEX Shopper Exhibition is to be launched in the period from 16 to 22 December, 2020 to be held in Belques Hall. The opening hours are f4rom 9 AM to 8 PM.