Sponsored by SabaFon Al Nebras Foundation launches the free medical camp for eye surgery

The secretary-general of the local council of the secretariat of the capital, Mr. Ameen Jamaan, inaugurated today in the Martyr Abdul Aziz Abdel Ghani Complex at the 70th directorate, Al-Noor Camp, the 195th free medical center for eye surgery and removal of white water for the poor.

The five-day camp, which is being implemented by Al-Nabras Health Association and supported by SabaFon Company, Al-Jazira, Gulf Pharmaceutical Company, and Al-Wafa Foundation, aims to meet the free inspection and testing of about 1500 cases, in addition to 250 surgical procedures to remove white water, for FREE along with distribution of necessary medicines for 2 months after the medical procedures.



The Secretary General of the Local Council in the Municipality of Sana’a city, along with the First Undersecretary of the Secretariat, Mr. Mohammed Rizk Al-Sarimi and a number of agents and officials of the Secretariat in the various sections of the camp attended the event and briefed on the level of preparation for the operations and services provided by the camp to patients of the eyes from the poor and the needy in the 70th Directorate and the children of neighboring areas free of charge.


Mr. Jamaan stressed the keenness of the leadership of the local authority in the Secretariat to strengthen cooperation and partnership with the Nabras Health Association to implement more and more camps to reduce the great suffering of the poor and the needy and to contribute to the care of sight and fight blindness among this segment of the needy and the poor in the secretariat of the capital, Sana’a city.


The Secretary General of the Local Council in the Municipality of the capital stressed the importance of cooperation between the local authority in the Secretariat and Al-Nebras in the establishment of a permanent medical camp in the field of ophthalmology, which includes a large number of cases in all ten districts of the capital.


Dr. Abdulhak Al-Ashoul, Executive Director of Al-Nabras Society, said that the Association provides medical services free of charge through the establishment of health camps for ophthalmology in various governorates in order to alleviate the suffering of people from difficult economic conditions and those unable to afford the treatment to help those poor and destitute people and instill a spirit of hope in them and raise their morale.


For his part, the Community Care Officer at the company SabaFon, Mr. Mohammed Al-Malahi, stressed the company’s keenness through the campaign of #Yemen_Tagmaana_SabaFon to collect support for the efforts of the state to provide health service to Yemeni citizens in the current difficult circumstances.


The inauguration was attended by Director-General of the 70th Directorate, Mr. Mohammad Naji, and Secretary General of the Local Council, Mr. Mohammed Sadiq, and a number of concerned people.