Your line is our line The solidarity initiative,” Mutakafloon”, for free transportation

Under the slogan of “Your line is our line”! .. Sabafon launched a free transport service within the solidarity initiative, in cooperation with the General Authority for Zakat and the General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs in Sana’a.

The initiative includes running 10 buses to transport citizens and alleviate their suffering under the siege, as the aggression coalition continues to detain oil ships. The initiative targets 4 main lines in Sana’a (Shumila-Mathbah, Shumaila-Beit Boss, Al-Hasaba-Baghdad, Asr-Bab Al-Yemen).


It is worth noting that SabaFon previously provided the same service in earlier years, when it launched the initiative “Waselni Maak 1,2,3” in 2016 and “4 in 2017. The service targeted free transportation between the main cities of Sana’a, Taiz, Sana’a, Aden, and Sana’a Al-Hodeidah, in order to reduce the transportation burden for low-income and displaced persons.