SabaFon launches electronic money services (SabaCash)

SabaFon, in partnership with CAC Islamic Bank, launched SabaCash service as part of its mobile services package in Yemen, with a license from the Central Bank of Yemen. This inauguration coincides with the 21st anniversary of the founding of SabaFon Company as the first telecom company in Yemen.

In the inauguration event, which was held in the main center in Sana’a, the CEO of SabaFon, Eng. Abdul-Khaleq Al-Ghaili, stressed the company’s constant and continuous willingness to develop its services according to the latest technologies and keep pace with the rapid developments in communications technology, as SabaFon is the first telecom company to operate an electronic money wallet in Yemen.
And he indicated SabaFon’s keenness to make SabaCash service distinctive by ease, speed and security, and that it is available within multiple options for users to ensure comfort of use.

Mr. Adel Al-Kebsi, “Executive Director – CAC Islamic Bank” indicated that the SabaCash is a strategic national project that will contribute to increase financial inclusion, which means acquiring a larger number of customers in the financial and banking sector, which in turn will reflect on the growth of the country’s economic movement and create many opportunities.

It is noteworthy that the SabaCash service is an electronic money service and is an alternative way to deal with paper money and can be used to transfer money and pay the value of commercial purchases and utility bills such as mobile phone, internet bills, and others in a safe and easy way.
The service can also be used by connecting to the Internet through a dedicated application or through the code service Manual for SabaFon subscribers.