Al-Shafakah Foundation Distributes Medicine to Patients of Kidney Transplantation

Al-Shafakah foundation for patients of kidney failure and cancer has launched a charitable program for distributing medicine to patients of kidney failure and kidney transplants in the city of Sana’a under a generous sponsorship of SabaFon subscribers.


The charitable program has targeted 200 female and male patients of kidney transplants in an effort to reduce their suffering.

In the opening ceremony, which the minister of the general health ministry, Dr. Taha Ahmed Al-Motawakkel attended, Mr. Watheq Sultan, the chairman of Al-Shafakah foundation assured the continuation of the humanitarian mission of the foundation in providing medical support services to the general public.


The minister, Dr. Taha Al-Motawakkel, valued SabaFon contribution and support to the foundation and its patients and encouraged private sector and businessmen to extend a helping hand for patients of kidney failure and cancer.


In the ceremony, one of the benefited patients described the suffering of the patients and their needs for medical support and stressed the valuable role of the foundation in providing residences and medical support for the patients of kidney failure, kidney transplants, and cancer.