SabaFon and Sorouh Foundation conclude training course on sign language in Sana’a

A training course on sign language was organized in Sana’a by the Sorouh Foundation for Social development in cooperation with the Society for the Care and Rehabilitation of Deaf and Mute and the departments of Social Work and Psychology at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Sana’a University.


The aim of the course was to provide 100 trainees and students of psychology, social service, archeology and Islamic studies at Sana’a University, schools of hope and future for the deaf and dumb and a number of employees of the Social Welfare Fund and the Deaf and Mute Society.


At the end of the ceremony, the Secretary General of the Local Council of the Secretariat of the capital, Mr. Amin Mohammed Jumban, pointed out the importance of training the most people with disabilities on sign language to facilitate their way of life.


He stressed the readiness of the local authority in the capital secretariat to support organizations and associations and the role that embraces people with disabilities to ensure providing care to them, including deaf and dumb. He expressed the hope that the outputs of this session will enhance the development of participants’ abilities.


He also praised the efforts of the Sorouh Foundation for Social Development, the Faculty of Arts at Sana’a University and the supporters of the course, which will contribute to enhancing the efforts to integrate the people with disabilities into society.


The Executive Director of the Fund for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled people, Mr. Mohammad Al-Daylami stressed that sign language should not be restricted to persons with hearing disabilities, but should be distributed to various departments to ensure their integration into society.


“It is the right of this segment to deal with different segments of society and its various institutions, and this will only be achieved by getting familiar with the sign language to ensure communication and response to people with hearing disabilities to complete their transactions.”


For his part, the president of Sorouh Foundation for Social Development, Mr. Abdul Wassa Majali, reviewed the objectives of the course, which involve a number of employees of the Social Welfare Fund and the Association of Deaf and Mute and teachers of integration departments in public schools. He pointed out that the course comes as part of the contribution of the Foundation to introduce sign language among youth and girls.


He pointed out that 100 trainees were targeted by this course to engage in voluntary humanitarian work to train deaf and dumb. He praised the role of SabaFon in establishing and supporting the course.


He stressed the continuation of the Foundation in cooperation with its partners in training youth and girls on the principles of sign language to train people with hearing and visual disabilities and go to the centers and schools of deaf and mute and associations for practical application.


At the closing ceremony, which was attended by the President of the Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of Deaf and Mute Mr. Yahya Qasim Sorour and the President of the Union of Disabled Sports Mr. Abd Rabo Nasser Hamid, and words from the Head of the Psychology Department at the Faculty of Arts, Sana’a University Dr. Abdulhafid Al-Khadri and representative of SabaFon Mr. Mohammed Al-Malahi and representatives of the participants Mr. Jamil Al-Mahbashi and Miss Hadeel Alselwi who  pointed to the importance of training people with disabilities on the sign language and open the window of hope for this segment to integrate with society.


The words stressed the need for the handicapped to train and qualify, especially people with hearing disabilities, in order to express their needs and demands and their rights in education, life and living as well as creative dealing with this segment and good communication with them.