SabaFon Extends its support to specialized centers of cerebral palsy with wheelchairs

As part of #Yemen_Tajmana_SabaFon campaign, SabaFon provided wheelchairs to a number of centers specialized in rehabilitating the children afflected with cerebral palsy. This initiative targeted three centers, namely Albasma Foundation for patients with special needs, Khotwa Center in the city of Sana’a, and Al-Tahadi association for human care in Ma’abar.


In the opening ceremony, a number of speeches were delivered stressing the importance of this initiative as it contributes to opening the window of hope for the target segment and inegrate them in the society.


The speeches have also stressed the importance of continuing the support for this segment of handicapped in such a way to verbalize their needs, wants, and rights in education and livelihood in addition to positive interaction with this segment. The opening ceremony included a number of poetry recitation, Nasheed, songs, and a play, all of which have represented the suffering of the handicapped and their aspiration to merge in the society and to contribute to its welfare.


In the ceremony, SabaFon was awarded with a gift shield from Basma Foundations for the handicapped.


It is to be noted that this initiative is an extension of #Yemen_Tajma’ana_SabaFon campaign which is a community campaign that SabaFon launched in the beginning of the year focusing on integral role of social responsibility among many other community projects and programs.