SabaFon Unique Annual Harvest in Social Responsibility in 2017

SABAFON’s unique annual harvest in the area of ​​social responsibility is the result of years of continuous community work. SabaFon’s  approach, as a Yemeni company, is an essential component of the company’s brand, values ​​and ethics that must be set on a solid footing with all needs of the community and  Yemeni society as well as individuals who depend on the company.

The campaign of Yemen in the 2017 program focused on several axes, foremost of which are relief, given the country’s exceptional circumstances.

In this context, the company is preparing to launch the new community campaign for the year 2018 # SabaFon_maak.


SabaFon relief

Among the Ramadan relief projects, the company launched with the Al-Shafaqah Foundation for the treatment of renal failure and cancer patients (the fasting breakfast project). The company provided a fasting breakfast for patients with their companions who live in the institution building throughout the month of Ramadan.

The company also contributed to the support of the Kal Bonyan 7 initiative, which provides Eid clothing for 5000 families. The company also distributed 1660 food baskets targeting 13 governorates for the poor and displaced.

On the other hand, the company provided Eid clothes for a large number of the children of the poor and the displaced in the secretariat of the capital.

The company also launched a project to distribute 100 food baskets with the Mowasat Foundation. In the fight against hunger, the company provided the Amaluna Foundation a free meal for 3000 families. Among the relief projects that targeted people with

special needs is the “Sal Anhom” project, which is implemented by the Khod Bi Yadi Development Corporation, where the company provided 400 food baskets for the employees of the institution.

The company also repaired the windows of the orphanage in Sana’a in response to the calls of the house, where the suffering of the orphans living in the house in the winter.


Waselni Maak 4 Initiative

SabaFon has launched a service of Waselni Maak 4 within the campaign # Yemen_Tajmaana_SabaFon where the campaign aims to alleviate the suffering of the citizens and displaced people suffering from the current circumstances experienced by the country and this is a belief and awareness of the social responsibility of the company SabaFon in response to the need to support members of the community in their lives during the crisis periods, A large number of displaced people who move between

governorates in difficult economic conditions.

It is worth mentioning that the service in the first and second versions, and the third was an unprecedented success, where the number of beneficiaries more than 24000 passengers and this service is part of a wide range of community campaigns launched by the company under the slogan of Yemen_Tajaamana_SabaFon campaign.


SabaFon Health Projects

Health and Human Services support initiatives are part of Sabafon’s social activities priorities and the company has taken many initiatives in this area last year and contributed to many activities to support institutions and bodies concerned with medical and health care, including the psychiatric and neurological hospital where the company provides immense. The company also cooperated with the Yemeni Association of Thalassemia and Genetics patients to sponsor the

celebration of the International Day of Thalassemia by allocating an open day for patients.

The company also participated in the sponsorship of one of the most important medical conferences, the second scientific conference of neurosurgery, in collaboration with the Yemeni Society for Neurosurgery, which enabled a large number of specialists at the local and international levels to communicate and discuss the latest developments in this field.

The company also participated in sponsoring the “Pediatric Conference” in its first edition, which resulted in the adoption of 25 January each year as a national day for the health and care of the Yemeni child and which will be a partnership of UNICEF and WHO.


SabaFon Cancer Relief Campaign

The company launched the “Cancer Relief Campaign 2”, where it provided the National Center for Oncology in Sanaa with laboratory solutions for the diagnosis of chronic leukemia and

covers the hospital’s need for 6 months. The campaign is in response to appeals made by the National Center for Oncology in Sana’a.



Chairs for patients with Cerebral Palsy

The company also provided chairs for patients with cerebral palsy. The chairs were distributed to 3 centers, Al Basma for Special Needs Center, Khotwa Center in Amman Municipality and Al-Tahadi Association for Humanitarian Care in the city of Ma’abar.


Al Nour Medical Center for Ophthalmology

The company also launched Al-Nour Medical and Ophthalmology, which was carried out by the Al-Nabras Health Association. It saw 285 operations to remove the white water. The camp also provided free tests and medicines for 1500 cases.


Cholera epidemic campaign

The cholera prevention campaign was launched in 2017. The company launched a large-scale cholera-prevention educational campaign to coincide with the national cholera prevention awareness campaign carried out by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with WHO and UNICEF and which was launched by SabaFon for a month and included the media such as radio, satellite channels, websites, SMS service, billboards, publications, screens and social media. The company is also preparing to launch a free awareness service through Text messages by sending the word cholera to number 211 for its subscribers.

On the other hand, Mr. Al-Azzi Mohammed, Director of Health Promotion Department at the National Center for Health Education and Information at the Ministry of Public Health and Population stressed that the participation of SabaFon indicates the strong partnership between the government and the private sector and the company SabaFon has always

proved worthy of this partnership as it participates in all The awareness campaigns conducted by the Ministry, and the campaign of SabaFon and its synchronization with a national awareness campaign implemented by the Ministry of Public Health and Population through the National Center for Health Education and Information indicates the full coordination between SabaFon and the Ministry. The campaign and its synchronization with a national awareness campaign implemented by the Ministry of Public Health and Population through the National Center for Health Education and Information indicates the full coordination between SabaFon and the Ministry of Health. The success of these campaigns will mean success for the Yemeni people in eradicating the deadly cholera epidemic.


Other aspects

The company’s sponsorship and support to many humanitarian institutions and charities in all

governorates of the Republic. It also contributed to the success of campaigns aimed at developing the local community and combating poverty and hunger for many The most prominent development organizations were: CSSW, where the company launched special projects for orphan care, Moath Society, where the company exclusively sponsored the Moath Public Contest for memorizing the Holy Quran. The company also supported the Education Office in Lahj Governorate. The campaign aimed to honor the top students at the county level.


Arab Orphan Day

The event was organized by the Association of Life Makers, which contributed to the sponsorship of the Arab Orphan Day. The Foundation has organized a day of entertainment for 600 orphans. The company also contributed to sponsoring a graduation ceremony for people with special needs at the University of Yemen.

School Bag Project

The project aims to distribute a large number of school bags with their accessories to the children of poor families in need of the capital’s secretariat, orphans and the children of the displaced and those affected by the events in a step that comes within the framework of supporting education. In our country SabaFon contributed to alleviate the phenomenon of dropping out of schools because of the difficult economic and living conditions that many families have lived in.

The company also participated in sponsoring the First Telecom and Information Technology Symposium which was held under the patronage of the Minister of Communications. The conference discussed the stages of development of telecommunication technology in Yemen.


Community Partnership with the Faculty of Commerce and Economics (Sana’a University)

The company also launched a community partnership with the Faculty of Commerce and Economics at the University of Sana’a in the framework of supporting the activities of the quality unit which aims to raise the level of the educational process in the college so that the project aims to apply international standards in the field of university education.


Sign Language Course

A training course on sign language organized by the Sorouh Foundation for Social Development in cooperation with the Society for the Care and Rehabilitation of Deaf and Mute and the departments of social service and psychology at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Sana’a University. SabaFon sponsored the event under the slogan of Language of Life.