SabaFon launches a comprehensive cleanliness campaign in the streets of the capital

Believing in the importance of positive participation in the community activities, “Sabafon” launched a comprehensive cleaning campaign in a number of Sana’a capital’s neighborhoods on Saturday, April 10, 2021, where the participants in the campaign started from the Seventy Directorate to clean the main and side streets where there was a remarkable interaction from the general public in the targeted neighborhoods. Sabafon campaign was well received by the people of Sana’a and its officials.

In a statement of the company’s Chairman, Mr. Abdullah Al-Shaer, he emphasized the active role of Sabafon Company in positively dealing with community issues, as it is the leading company in the field of community work since its inception.

Furthermore, The Deputy Prime Minister for Services and Development, Dr. Hussein Makbouli, and the Capital Secretary, Hammoud Obbad, were briefed on the role of the participation of Sabafon Company leaders and employees in supporting the efforts of cleaners in removing waste and accumulated dust from streets and neighborhoods as a voluntary community initiative in the field of promoting community participatory work.