Twin Offer

Congratulations on the Twin Offer!

Now and exclusively for Sana’a city and Sana’a governorate, SabaFon introduces the Twin Offer under the slogan: “Congratulations on the Twin… All… for only 1 YER”


Offer details:

you can buy a new prepaid line from SabaFon in Sana’a city or Sana’a governorate and benefit from Sana’a offer by getting two lines instead of one in addtion to the following features:

  •  All voice and text communications between the two numbers are for only 1 YER per minute and per message for the whole day.
  •  Internet charge is 1 YER per megabyte for the whole day.
  •  The two lines are offered for 1,400 YER taxes included (every SIM card contains 42.55 units).
  •  Existing subscribers can also benefit from this offer by visiting one of SabaFon service centers in Sana’a city or Sana’a governorate.
  •  The offer is available in SabaFon service centers and through SabaFon shop-in-shops in commercial malls in the city of Sana’a and for a limited period of time.
  •  Both twin lines should be in active state (active numbers can make and receive calls) to benefit from the offer.